A luxurious old folk house private villa with a fully designed renovation that fully introduces comfortable modern facilities to an old folk house (registered as an important tangible cultural property of the country). Fully equipped with Wifi. Comfortable stay for up to 20 people in a spacious 150㎡ space! The bathtub, walls, and ceiling are all made of cypress. The toilet has a washlet(electric toilet seat). All rooms are equipped with Dyson air purifiers, ventilation air conditioning systems, and the latest air conditioners. The site adjacent to the park and hiking course, has an unparalleled sense of openness. Based on Karimoku 60 furniture, you can relax as if you were at home with high-quality home appliances and cooking utensils. Introduced ALSOK disaster prevention monitoring rush system. Remains of the original construction such as board walls, wooden doors and porch, and rice field-shaped Yamato room, and Showa supplies such as Daihachiguruma are also exhibited. A system kitchen has been introduced in the room, and many new high-performance home appliances such as a heated steam oven range and a pressure IH rice cooker are installed. In addition to the latest air conditioner, the latest powerful gas stove is installed in each room so that you can spend comfortably even in winter. In addition to TV broadcasting, you can watch movies and dramas on NETFLIX as much as you want on 50-inch 4K TV. There is a retro-designed multifunctional audio system and an electronic piano with an automatic performance function. A massage machine is also available.