Good location, 3 minutes walk to Kawaguchiko station and lakeside! A new companion of Fuji Time Traveler, “Tamatebako”, which has been well received by many people, has opened! In the morning, enjoy the extraordinary life at the villa where you wake up with the chirping of birds! Slowly on the spacious site approaching 300 tsubo including the adjacent main building and new building! A spacious 100m2 4LDK privately-owned villa with a high ceiling that can accommodate up to 20 people. In addition to the bathroom, there is a separate shower room. There are two washbasins and two toilets. The 1 tsubo size bathroom is equipped with luxury equipment such as heating, mist sauna, and jet bath. We also have a separate dry sauna. Dyson air purification fans are installed in all rooms. On the 1st floor, you can watch terrestrial broadcasting on a 60-inch 4K TV, as well as BS and Netflix on the 2nd floor on a 32-inch TV. The large system kitchen is also equipped with an IH stove and a built-in dishwasher, as well as a pressure IH rice cooker and a heated steam oven range. Karimoku 60 sofas and tables, UNICO range boards, Fissler and Tefal cookware, Delonghi toasters, and other amenities that are thoroughly focused on design and quality, make it an extraordinary experience that can only be experienced here. “New but nostalgic” A unique space is a feature of Time Traveler. In this “Tamatebako”, we aimed to create a fun and surprising space every time you open the door. Please relax in the Japanese-style room, which is particularly comfortable. In addition to the latest furniture and home appliances that have been carefully selected for each item in color and design, we have also created a space design that combines old furniture from the early Showa period.